About Association

Association of Rail Services Providers “Gelpa” is the representative body for Lithuania - based suppliers of equipment and services to the world – wide industry.
It has over 20 member companies (from SMEs to large groups), active across railway development, cargo transportation, construction, modernization and other range of rail related services.

“Gelpa” provides its members with extensive services, including:


  • providing opportunities for dialogue and networking between members
  • export promotional activity, through briefings, visits overseas, hosting inwards visits
  • promotion of member employee’s professional development
  • provision of technical, commercial and political information
  • representation of the supply industry's interests to Government and others. 

The added value of association "Gelpa" is that we know well our members and we are able to mobilize them around collaborative projects. Our members have lot of experience in working together, also working with rail companies in Western Europe and Russia.
Association "Gelpa" closely cooperates with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University,entres, Vilnius College of technologies and design.
The organisation is also iniciates common international projects and knowledge-sharing with The Polish Chamber of Railway Equipment Producers and Railway Service Providers, Lithuanian - Italian Chamber of Commerce and other.
"Gelpa” operates from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Management is undertaken by the president,  Mr Valentas Stadalnykas, and his staff. Strategic issues are governed by a Council, formed of representatives from across the membership. Individual member companies are regularly asked for their views on current issues.





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